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Kristin Johnston

Author. Artist. Energy Medicine Practitioner

At a young age. Kristin developed a strong desire to be a guiding light in service to anyone walking in darkness. After becoming a Reiki Master, Kristin continued her education at the Rhys Thomas Institute. There, she acquired the necessary skills that helped her on her journey to becoming a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner.


Kristin's healing services include:

  • Reiki 

  • Full Spectrum Healing

  • Sound Healing 

  • Roxiva Light (New Service)

  • Guidance for those moving beyond the wound of addiction

  • Spiritual Guidance

Kristin's available art services:

  • Custom Wire Wrapped Jewelry

  • Custom Art upon Request

Mike Johnston

Tattoo Artist / Photographer

Mike Johnston offers a variety of services primarily focused on tattoo body art and professional photography.

His services include:

  • Custom Realism Tattooing

  • Professional Headshots

  • Creative Photography

Laurie Frazier

Beauty Consultant / Beauty Business Coach

Laurie Frazier's journey as a Beauty Consultant and Beauty Business Coach began when she set the clear intention of becoming her own boss, making her own schedule, and creating a life that she truly loves. 

After making the commitment to change her career, she also decided to take charge of her health - which began a journey into weight loss and over-all wellness. 


Her success has been so great, she now coaches other people on how to follow in her footsteps. Her services include:

  • Beauty Consultant

  • Beauty Business Coaching

  • Weight Loss Consulting

Kyle Frazier

Fitness Coach / Creator

Kyle's love of sports and natural talent grew into a passion for coaching others. 

He's focused much of his efforts on teaching children and adults the importance of fitness and how applied physical discipline can foster confidence and self-esteem.


His fitness services include:

  • Personal Fitness Training

His creative services include:

  • Custom Wood Work Creations 

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