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The Blackinton Arts was established to bring inspiration to the world through visual and healing arts. 


Not everyone will identify as an artist. But everyone is creative.

Consciousness is our shared medium.

We create in our minds and then we create in our lives.

Our job is to provide you with education and inspiration so you can awaken to your innate creative potential and become the creator of your own reality.


At Blackinton Arts we’ll provide you with plenty of opportunity to learn, experience and grow as a creator!


To Educate

We offer classes and workshops with some of the most talented and dedicated creatives we know.


To Inspire:

We host gallery nights displaying the work of artists in our community as well as our own work


To Awaken:

We also offer opportunities to explore the most creative faculty we possess, the mind.


To Heal:

We offer vinyasa yoga classes, regular sound baths & weekly Buddhist mindfulness recovery meetings



Art and healing aren’t separate things, they’re actually synonymous

and to us, they’re not just concepts or hobbies either - they’re a way of life.

A way of living that indirectly leads to a more mindful, peaceful, and intentional way of being in the world.

The desire to create isnt just in some of us, and not in others.

We’re all born to create.

We’re creative by our very nature as human beings.


The blocks to creativity that we face have little to do with our talent, or lack of it

and the solutions are most always found in our beliefs about what it means to be a creative.


Thats why we want to help you find your medium - in more ways than one!


Here you can also find a whole assortment of gems, minerals, candles, books, tarot cards, soaps, jewelry and more! 

To see what's happening, make sure to check out our

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